Spirit of enterprise

For the alignment of our business processes and objectives we focus on the following central leitmotif of our corporate policy:

We are commited to the idea that a long-term cooperation with our customers and suppliers is a particular and essential precondition for the sustainable success of our company.

This basic assumption leads to specific target agreements and commitments for us:

High quality of our products and services

Our philosophy: Value

Only high-class products are purchased as bought-in parts and building components. They guarantee a high endurance and maintainability over long periods of time.

The consequent and detailed planning and construction, including modern product development mechanisms, the application of simulation tools as well as the consideration of possible error sources, help us to avoid errors and reconstructions and make it possible to deliver technically sophisticated systems within the agreed time.

The manufacturing and assembly of our systems is carried out with the help of modern production methods and auxiliary material. Broad and comprehensive testing before the delivery of the machines complement the accompanying procedures of our quality management.

Reliability and close cooperation with our customers

Our philosophy: Customers

Our responsibilty for a machine shall not end with the delivery and successful launch, but rather shall last for the entire life span of the system.

We aim at the highest possible flexibility regarding the individual customer requirements or requests for modification even after the placement of order.

The fulfillment of permitted services and appointments is our absolute priority and a precondition for the high satisfaction of our customers.

Centering the human being

Our philosophy: Employees

In our business area the costs for personnel often represent the biggest part of the overall costs in the production process.

Motivated and team-minded employees, who act responsibly in the interests of the company, at MBE Drahttechnik therefore are seen as the basis for our sustainable business success.

Openness to innovation and improvement

Our philosophy: Innovation

Particularly in the automatisation and information technology we are devoted to engage highly qualified and well trained employees to make use of innovations in technology without delays in time in order to provide reasonably priced and highly productive system solutions.

The close contact to the academia helps us to promptly recognise new impulses and to pick up reasonable improvements without delay.