Mesh pick up unit MAB7


  • seperation cross beam with electric motor
  • hydraulic stack lift and roller conveyour
  • mesh pick up - and feedbeam with servo motoric drive
  • roller curtain for trouble free mesh pickup
  • pusher for pushing the last stripe through the shear to the conveyor belt
  • turner and stacker, Option


Process description

  1. Stack is transported into the unit by a roller conveyour
  2. The Shear elevator lifts up the stack until the upper Mesh is in Pick up position
  3. Mesh seperator moves down up to the upper mesh of the stack and picks up the upper mesh (linewire or crosswire)
  4. Roller curtain moves to feed position – meanwhile the pick up and the feed unit are moving back to start position
  5. Mesh is aligned at a fixes block
  6. Mesh is gripped in the rear position and is fed in top the shear to the exact length of the mesh strip. positioned by Laser befor shearl cuts
  7. The shear cuts and the mesh strip drops down onto a conveyor belt. If required stripes can be nested or flipped and nested automatically
  8. Feeding in the mesh to next cutting position
  9. Repetition Step 5 to 8
  10. Push the final cut off through the shear

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